01. Oats We Sow
02. Love You Better
03. Rules
04. Season Poem
05. Kingdom Come
06. August Moon
07. Sunburn
08. First to Say Goodnight
09. Falling
10. Autumn Leaves
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dont smile because its over, cry because it happened

some call me maeve, but to you i expect to be referred to only as omnipotent celestial goddess (or astrological blimp of intelligence)

if you like dave strider, anger and corsets then boy oh boy this is the place for you!!

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Have you ever watched a tv show and wanted something a character has worn? There’s a website called that finds the exact clothes and lists them with where to buy them for a bunch of different shows (just a few examples: teen wolf, pretty little liars, the vampire diaries and even doctor who)!


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i think there is no greater dark magic than the cha-cha slide

you will never get a group of people obeying every command so quickly as you will by putting on that song.

every previous conversation grinds to a halt as everyone goes to the left and then takes it back now y’all

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and that’s when it came up and swallowed me millionth dollar

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  • citizen: it's a bird!
  • citizen: it's a plane!
  • *superman flies down with kryptonite between his teeth*
  • superman: it's a metaphor
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I love when that first kid in the class that screams “OH MY GOD ITS SNOWING” and the whole class turns and looks out the window and freaks out like they’ve never seen snow

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alright it’s time for my first tumblr giveaway in honor of reaching 1000 followers!

The Prizes:

  • One Triforce Ring from PeregrineStudios on Etsy in your choice of Courage, Wisdom, or Power in gold-plated steel, bronze-plated steel, or stainless steel
  • One Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time coffee mug from FusRoDraw on Etsy in your choice of song
  • One Hyrule Historia
  • One super special Zelda-themed mystery item!!!


  • There will be one winner chosen using a random number generator
  • Only reblogs count, but you can reblog as many times as you want!
  • Since this is a giveaway to celebrate my wonderful followers, you must be following me
  • No giveaway blogs, I will be checking
  • US only
  • Must be 18+ or have parent’s permission to give me your name and address
  • If picked, I will leave a message in your ask which you have 48 hours to respond to or I will pick another winner. So please keep your ask box open!
  • ends May 9th

Good luck!

the end is near! get some more reblogs in!

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if you ever feel bad about yourself, just remember that one time i had to fly with my cello so we bought it a seat

and it got upgraded to first class

without me

i hate being that guy who adds onto a text post but my dad is a cellist and he has to buy a seat for his cello every time he has to fly somewhere for a show and the cello has become such a valued customer for airlines that we regularly get mail addressed to “Cello Friesen” for airfare deals and stuff

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Earlier Sketches of my little blackbird demon, Lonan.

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Anonymous said —
❝ You should draw a puma wearing puma shoes. ❞
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whenever i see fanart of the shiganshina trio + levi i think about that episode of spongebob where mr. krabs realizes he’s really old so he tries to hang out with the kids to feel young again

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